Planning reports

We want to share our knowledge with you! This is an overview of our planning reports, covering selected subject areas and content. On request we will be happy to produce an individual report tailored to your specific needs.

Sponsoring in golf

Every year, worldwide leading brands invest multiple million euros into golf sponsoring. For good reasons! As golf is a multi-usable sponsoring platform, offering partnerships with events, testimonials, clubs and associations. ADVANT PLANNING and the Deutsche Golf Sport GmbH wanted to know it exactly, screened the golf sponsoring market and published the results in the extensive Planning Report “Sponsoring in golf”. Different analyses are the basis of this report: a market research among 1.000 people interested in golf, a consultation among sponsoring-representatives in German golf clubs, an evaluation of more than 250 sponsoring-deals as well as further market-/ media studies. The publisher developed four types of golf players on the basis of a multivariate analysis, analyzed the importance and the management of sponsoring in golf clubs, and determined factors of success for sponsors performing on the professional- and amateur level. The derived recommendations help sponsors, clubs, marketers, and rights holders to optimize their sponsoring-activations in golf.

Sustainability and sports sponsoring

Sustainability is a much-abused term in the context of marketing. The term describes a complex topic and is not easy to understand. There is a wide range of term usage, definitions and a differentiating understanding of the term – both in the business environment and in the field of sports. The Planning Report “Sustainability and sports sponsoring” aimed at greater transparency in this area. Achieving this objective ADVANT PLANNING conducted an empiric market research amongst 1.000 sports fans in Germany and combined this analysis with an expert survey and desk research. Deriving from the results, ADVANT PLANNING analysed the Status Quo of sustainability in the field of sports sponsorships comprehensively and states concrete recommendations for strategic actions.

Testimonials in sports

The use of sport-testimonials for the brand and corporate communication has never been that attractive. However, there are numerous challenges that have to be negotiated to use those testimonials effectively. The Planning Report “Testimonials in sports” provides crucial insights and factors of success of the relevant planning dimensions. For this purpose, ADVANT PLANNING analyzed the best known campaigns and athletes based on a comprehensive market research in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Over 600 testimonial deals were broken down and recommendations for strategic actions were collected. The fundamental study for a successful usage of testimonials is equally relevant for business companies as well as marketers.

Sponsoring in the German football league "Bundesliga"

The football league “Bundesliga” is the most popular and attractive sponsoring platform in Germany. But how do sponsors use its potential and are their marketing budgets well allocated? The planning report “Sponsoring in der Bundesliga”, biggest sponsoring survey of Bundesliga-history, provides new insights and key findings in this industry. ADVANT PLANNING and SPONSORs analyzed the complete season 2011/12 including all 34 gamedays as well as sponsors with medial significance. The latest report includes a performance analysis of sponsors, diverse industries, clubs and advertising sources. These results are combined with market research and media analysis from IFM Sports and Sport+Markt. The new “Three Column Concept” between media pressure, costs and awareness creates the fundamentals for an effective sponsoring strategy in the market.


The German Bundesliga attracts millions of people in front of the TV every day and thousands come into the stadium for the unique live-experience. But what exactly makes this kind of fascination, what kind of fan-types do exist and how are they distributed among the 18 Bundesliga-clubs? These and other questions will be answered by the study "Fantypology of the Bundesliga".

Sports sponsorship and social media

Social media is no longer a trend; it’s an integral part of brand and corporate communication – including in the area of sports sponsorship. Extreme reach and precise targeting without wasted coverage are attractive concepts for marketers and sponsorship decision-makers. But not everyone is equally successful. Our “Sport and Social Media” planning report outlines relevant impact patterns and success factors based on usage patterns of sports fans who participate in social media. For example, the report analyses the social media performance of key sports platforms and sports leagues and derives strategic recommendations for sponsors.
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