Planning Graphics

PLANNING GRAPHIC about Sepp Blatter and FIFA Partner

New Planning Graphic about the cause Sepp Blatter and the digital feedback around his reelection and withdrawal.

PLANNING GRAPHIC about the fight of the century Mayweather vs. Pacquiao

The new PLANNING GRAPHIC shows the digital showdown between the two fighters Mayweather vs. Pacquaio

PLANNING GRAPHIC about the digital reach of soccer clubs and -players

The new PLANNING GRAPHIC illustrates the digital reach of soccer clubs in comparison to their players.

PLANNING GRAPHIC about the internationalization of Bundesliga-Clubs

The newest Planning Graphic shows the internationalization of the Bundesliga-Clubs. For more informations see Continuum Quarterly No. 02 2014.

PLANNING GRAPHIC about the digital performance of FIFA world cup participants

New Planning Graphic shows the digital performance of selected FIFA world cup participants with the result that team USA performs better than team Germany.

PLANNING GRAPHIC about the first race of the DTM-season

The newest Planning Graphic shows the number of digital mentions during the race day at the Hockenheimring as well as the top manufacturer in the digital media.

PLANNING GRAPHIC about golf advertisement

The new PLANNING GRAPHIC shows the acceptance of on-site advertisement at golf events as well as the attitude towards sponsoring among people interested in golf.


The new PLANNING GRAPHIC is about the media performance of golf in comparison to other TV-relevant sports in Germany and in the USA - demonstrated on the cruising altitude of an aircraft.

PLANNING GRAPHIC about the Olympic Games at Sochi in 2014

What hashtags dominated the Olympic Wintergames in Sochi 2014? The most recent PLANNING GRAPHIC shows the most mentions concerning the Olympics in Sochi.

PLANNING GRAPHIC about the perception of ads with testimonials

The new PLANNING GRAPHIC shows besides the awareness and fitting of selected testimonial partnerships, the most recognized advertizing media used in testi-monials advertisment.

PLANNING GRAPHIC about the corruption perception in host countries of mega-events

The latest PLANNING GRAPHIC features every host of a mega event this century according to the perception of corruption of each country.

PLANNING GRAPHIC about the development of FIFA World Cups

The latest PLANNING GRAPHIC shows the fast development of the FIFA World Cups relating to the total revenue and attendance. The graphic provides also a detailed overview about the numbers of TV-rights, marketing und others.

PLANNING GRAPHIC about the sustainability objectives from the DFL-Clubs

The PLANNING GRAPHIC from the upcoming report "Nachhaltigkeit und Sportsponsoring" shows the first results from the conducted expert survey. The graphic illustrates the objectives of the sustainability activities from the Bundesliga and second Bundesliga.

PLANNING GRAPHIC about the acceptance of sponsors in cultural sponsorships

This PLANNING GRAPHIC provides a handy overview of the most accepted branding space in cultural sponsorships.

PLANNING GRAPHIC about TV-relevant advertising media in football stadiums

This PLANNING GRAPHIC referring to the "Sponsoring in der Bundesliga"-report shows a heatmap of the TV-On relevant advertising media in football stadiums including a rating score based on ADVANT Advertising Media Index.

PLANNING GRAPHIC about sport sponsoring and social media

This PLANNING GRAPHIC refers to the Planning Report "Sportsponsoring und Social Media" and illustrates the most important steps of the strategic planning process in the context of social media that sponsors have to focus on.

PLANNING GRAPHIC about testimonials in sports

The PLANNING GRAPHIC provides key-insights out of the Planning Report "Testimonials im Sport" comparing the two testimonial markets, Germany and Switzerland. Among other informations, you will find details about the most popular testimonials, relevant industries and average right costs.

PLANNING GRAPHIC about fantypology of the Bundesliga

This PLANNING GRAPHIC gives you an overview about the key insights of the Bundesliga fans, including but not limited to fan structure, mobile app preferences, and a ranking of the most popular merchandising products.
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