More than one path leads to ADVANT PLANNING. We offer a variety of career opportunities and we do not require a particular level of qualifications. Whether you're a university graduate or a professional with prior experience, all of our positions are tailored to your particular circumstances. In consulting, you start as a generalist with the opportunity to specialise according to your individual strengths. You will help define personal targets and objectives to be met within specific timeframes. These are tailored to your experience and position, and regular feedback sessions guarantee ongoing monitoring and evaluation. Throughout your career we offer various training and development opportunities that are also tailored to you and your capabilities.

We also believe in the power of different perspectives, which is why we recruit consultants from a wide range of specialist areas. Together, they contribute completely new perspectives on sponsorship strategies and analysis findings. This is imperative if you want to be the one making the rules in the sponsorship market, instead of just complying with them.

We look forward to receiving your application to ADVANT PLANNING!